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Relax, everything is beautiful!

  • Author:Faye
  • Release on:2016-10-26

The heart level, the heart light, everything is beautiful! We live a calm, live comfortable, live happy, live quiet, live the real, live nature.

Put the heart flat, put the heart light, a correct understanding of this world, see the world. The world is like this, the sun and the dark with the beautiful and ugly coexist, we have to learn not only live in the sun, but also learn to live in the dark, we will see flowers, will also encounter filthy, we will feel fraternity, true love forever With us, we have to bear false, fraud will meet with us.

The heart of water is calm, the heart of the water is Brisk, you see, water, a flat as a mirror, the moon which, from the music. Water, with a calm and brisk mind, ease a stream away, in case of some barrier and gently bypass, so why care about so much, calm and light flow from the smooth; such as straight all the way, that better, I can also enjoy the torrent, a look at thousands of miles, surging waves, I will sway my chic, my indulgence.

Cloud's heart is calm, the heart of the cloud is Brisk. You see, clouds, free, floating in the sky, stretch and elegant, fate not mind, drifting across the mountains across the ocean, leaving no traces of a good free clouds.

The heart level, put the heart light, a calm water, a free cloud.

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