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Some dreams are aborted while some come true

  • Author:Eylan
  • Release on:2017-06-20
God puts dreams in our hearts. So, we must dream. We lose our sorrows and heartaches in dreams. And we live our fantasies in dreams. Some dreams are aborted while some come true.

  Most mornings, I'd sit by the Lake in my neighborhood just to witness the awesomeness of God; to be marveled at what Mother Nature is about to unfold... to shower us with her magnificence. The squirrels too gather by the edge of the Lake. The birds float effortlessly, circling the Lake in a beautiful ballet. The gators stand in awe. Yes, the gators! The leaves on the trees would suddenly stop their slow dance. Just like me, they are patiently awaiting for the grand entrance of the sun. The moon must go. Yes, the moon must go... to make room for the sun to rise. The sound of the gentle breeze is soothing, almost musical. I am filled with joy. I cannot describe the feeling of this awesomeness. You'd have to experience it to understand the feeling and joy of it. I know I am about to witness an amazing grace. So... I am silent. My spirit is at peace. The stage has been set. Behind those clouds, the sun awaits... waiting for the heavenly command. The ritual is in full bloom. Then I see a slice of sunlight, wafting through the clouds. Suddenly, the entire horizon is brightened, and the sun finally takes the center stage. Right there, I am still... humbled... to listen to God speak into my soul. When He's done, then, I share with Him all that my heart desires.

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