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Sprinkle the sun every day to my heart

Sprinkle the sun every day to my heart

Faye 2016-08-30 19:24:17

★ inspirational world - have the greatest hope, to make the greatest efforts to prepare for the worst. ★

I like the sun, like the sun's atmosphere breathing, like the sunshine, like the gentle morning sun, it is bright and dazzling, like a very gentle woman, people very warm heart, smiles are so comforting.

Morning, will wait to draw the curtains, to see the sun this old friend. The sun, it's like a cute little baby, you just pull the curtain a little bit of time, it has already bounced into the room, in the room dancing, dust is its partner, is also flying in the sun outside the window birds singing their accompaniment, their nature marching brisk pace, danced ballroom dancing, around the house turning around and around. To be back on your feet, it has long been tramping nature away, leaving behind a room full of bright.

Morning run in the morning, the sun surrounded around, the wind whispers in the ear, swallows twittering in the trees, roadside wildflowers Come back, marching through the warm sunshine on the ground, toward the end toward the distant forward. Then, drink a cup of hot milk, heart bathed in sunshine.

In sunny areas, you will have a good mood.

I like to see the sunrise, about a few friends, get up early, take breakfast, full of joy, arrived early to wait for sunrise fishing park devout, waiting for the morning's first ray of sunshine across the sky, shed light, to put all things gold yellow dress, but also to the sea we plated layer of gold.

Like watching the sunset, also hunt down, Looking back on the direction of the sun, a place to find sunset.

Like listening to music, the songs always so dynamic, so the sun up. Every time I heard these songs, like playing with blood in general, heart full of energy. A "youth practicing manual" or "Young said," the mood unconsciously became clear vision, especially blue sky, green grass exceptionally.

Like small pavilion next to the fountain, surrounded by sun around. Occasionally feel lost, I went to a small pavilion, watching the sky Yunjuanyunshu, feel the temperature of the sun, let the sun streaming into the heart, to disperse the haze.

Sprinkle mind every day the sun, listening to the inner voice of seed germination, to be filled with sunshine person, you like it? Life was not easy, and then calm river, but also thrown the slightest ripple of time, let alone the life of this river. Unpleasantness of life, we need to mind sprinkle sunshine, with a heart full of hope, mouth up, smile face life.

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