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Starting, will always be the most meaningful thing

  • Author:Faye
  • Release on:2017-02-10

I remember that I heard a sister said that she used the size of the holidays, travel around China, but also sneaking across the Sino-Vietnamese border car, all the way wonderful exception, even without swords, but then I have a small heart with her flew away.

I still look at the left hand right hand reflection of the year, the hero inside the book traveled to a city, step by step, a brick and tile, and later, I am very obsessed with pressing the road, riding a bicycle, Only pay attention to the next street. And read a book called "the most meaningful thing", the hero and heroine is always walking, talking, until the yellow sunset covered with leaves, they passed the concert hall, into the park, or in the endless Straight along the road side by side. That year, I think, endless pressure on the road is the coolest rebellion.

After seeing the interview with Niu Chengze, before the filming of "Monga", because the Taiwan Information Bureau and other circles have high expectations for him, I hope he took over "Cape No. 7" box office continued to box office for Taiwan film, The pressure is too great, he recalled the "Etudes" (Note: a college student cycling around the island of Taiwan film) actor said the words: "Some things you do not do, will never "He said to his friends:" Do not one day we at the funeral of each other, then we go like ... .... "His friend listened, immediately said:" go. "The article entitled: A bicycle, starting to the world.

There is a book "do not die," read at first glance or "will not die" of this book. Seven years around the world, the author only with a bicycle, do it.

There are several seven years in life, like Aland Burton's Art of Travel: the fun we get from traveling may be more dependent on the mood of our trip than on the destination of our travel . ... ... So, what is the mood of travel? Sensibility is perhaps its most important feature. We approach with humility to new places. We have no preconceptions about what is interesting.

I think, starting, is the most meaningful thing, open your eyes, open pores, open arms, touch the unknown world.

Let 's go out and take advantage of our curiosity about the outside.

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