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Stick to the dream, live hope

  • Author:Faye
  • Release on :2017-06-09

Occasionally, in a corner to find their own past to write a small poem, very pious to read that once beautiful, although the verse is naive but sincere, although there is no lack of romance. Read their own minds have been small language, suddenly some dare not face their own.

Over the years, no longer have a dream, no longer hope, no longer yearn for no longer pursue, has long been accustomed to the status quo, and even can be on their own decadent upright! Is this still me? What was my ideal? I used to pursue it? Those young people when the arrogance, those who have rhetoric, where to go to it? I suddenly understand that the dream of that young has long been discarded in a corner, just like this little poetry. I will even compile some naive lies to deceive myself, in order to give their own decadence to find an excuse! This is more than a decade, I lost to myself!

People, always struggling in the conflict, in the pain of choice, laughing tears, there are homes, this is life, this is fate. No matter how things change, in fact, the fate of the master has always been our own, whether it is heart to, or compelling, it is your own choice, blame anyone. This world has no savior, if they do not think beyond, no one to help you.

The following are the same as the "
Therefore, I can not succeed if I can not succeed, the result is no longer important, I pay more attention to that way through the distance, I will enjoy the joy of progress in each of them, appreciate every surpassed gratitude, even if there are many difficulties and disappointment , In the ups and downs in the perfect, mature in the difficulties, the bitter is also a pleasure.

People are so, no matter what time, your heart had to read children, you have to dream for their own Ben, even in the end is really just a dream, at least you beautiful the whole process of chasing. So I will not give up my dream, even if it is more of the suffering, I am as eager to experience, willing to bear!

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