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Stop and go in life, is the best choice

Faye 2016-03-09 12:37:08

A friend of mine says that people should know what they want. His life has been stop and go, comfortable and free. Friends are doing business, we all know that shopping malls such as the battlefield, many opportunities fleeting, so most people get stuck, do not stop. Friends can have a unique philosophy of life, he always said: "People come to this world travel, not to suffer hard labor. 

One does not work, of course not, but if a person's life are like a machine, kept turning, then what fun is that? Tired stopped a stop to see the roadside scenery, looking for interesting stories, or sit roadside, about my state of mind is good, and now the state is not what you want. Think it over, time to adjust themselves and move on. Stop and go in life, it is the best choice.

There is, indeed, particularly good: "so much to work, stop for a while and relax; earn enough money, take a look at worldly possessions; received endless entertainment, speech a speech, beneficial to health; walk the endless future , slow a slow, walk of life! "Walk understand life, a degree of relaxation to live, people would live a healthy live.

"Life's road, stop and go is a quiet, walking is an elegant watch, walking is a kind of open-minded forget." Stop and go, and realize the great wisdom of life.

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