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Stop complaining, your fate in the moment to decide

  • Author:Faye
  • Release on:2017-08-25

The Bible says, "It must be wise to walk with the wise." I often tell the business, to do business with first-class enterprises, you will become a first-class enterprises, if you can only do business with third-rate enterprises, you will be third-rate enterprises. People are the same, whether it is life or work, we have to choose with the joy of people together, because with the joy of people together, we will feel anything is possible, because our heart at any time full of hope.

Remember the story of Meng Mu three move? Why Meng Mu Miao must make a good environment in the growth of the reasons? The reason is very simple, because "near Zhu people red, near ink black." The same, not because of the environment Change and change. In other words, we have the right to make a choice, what kind of environment we want to live, to work in what kind of organization, with what kind of contacts.

Mr. Shen Qingjing, president of my prestige group, had been absurd when he was young, so he was arrested and imprisoned. After he was released from prison, he would never have to deal with the past, or he would have finished his life, so he chose to sail and work on board The time of the past, because those who can not find him, and gradually forget his man, so that he has the opportunity to come back can be re-.

There is a young boy, after studying in Taiwan into the country, to pay some bad, every day with a book bag is not a book but a spring knife, in order to see people who do not pleasing to the eye, you can learn the other side, the little boy such behavior Through the elders of the heart, and even elders have given up on him. So relatives will be accompanied by a small boy to live in Canada, relatives in Canada, the house is very close from the library, so every day will bring their children with the little boy to the library reading, monasteries under the little boy rebellious temperament changed, He has been a Ph.D. in twenty years ago and is currently working at a large hospital in Canada.

Many people dissatisfied with the status quo, the mouth constantly complain about the status quo, so that their lives around with self-pity, but did not reflect on the ability, not knowing everything is not smooth and unhappy are caused by their own, if your There is such a person around, you have no ability to help him, then please leave this person as soon as possible, or ask him to leave.

As in "Your Best Life Now", you talk about "those who will encourage you, rather than those who pour cold water, pull the hind legs to stay in a place where someone will encourage you to challenge you higher The level of ascension. "... because" you have been living in place for too long, and now is the time to get up, is to put down the pain, hurt and frustration, got up and forward ", I believe that as long as you Be willing to move in the direction you are looking forward to, and you will be able to experience a different life.

Please remember that our fate is decided in the moment.

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