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Success is based on the attitude of the time

Faye 2016-04-02 14:28:34

The first youth is God given; second youth is on their own efforts.

Harvard University's Edward classes Feder (Edwant Bar; field). For the United States, Dr. once dynamic social progress done years of research. He wanted to find out why some people richer than the generation of generation, but most people do not.

He will assume different after several years of experiments, finally conclusion. That is, in the United States or in other societies, mostly related to the success of attitude. Success is based on personal attitudes toward time may be.

Ban Feder to this conclusion as "sense of time." He found that those who have long-term success is the concept of time people. They do daily, weekly, monthly activity when planning, will use the long-term point of view to consider. They are planning five to ten years, or even two decades of future plans. They allocate resources or make decisions based on them are expected to position themselves in a few years may be.

On the other hand, Dr. Feder found that those who fail classes are only short-term concept. They almost do not do long-range plan. They are more concerned about the immediate interests rather than the future success and achievement, focused on short-term rather than long-term economic security of joy and success. Because of this attitude, they choose short-term plan, which led to long-term hardship career.

The findings can be said that all the studies on the success of the most important one. This means that, in order to achieve the ultimate success, you must use a long-term vision of life and career planning.

You must first several years of hard work in order to reach the limits of your ability to make money, and allows you to enjoy long life. Be sure to pay the price, continuous efforts several years later, in order to reach the goal of truly valuable. You must have a long-term development perspective.

No matter which line want to succeed, you have to put at least five years to get ready. No matter which row you if you want to excel, we must be psychologically prepared threw himself into a full five years. You take a long time to train a sufficient professional competence, sales success in a highly competitive market. For long-term career vision is the culmination of an important condition.

Now, I'm not saying you have to be committed in five years time, and concentrate on your current sales current product or service, and then do something else. Because of changes in technology, products and services quickly, you will find that within a year or two, you'll need for different companies sell different products.

Long-term concept of time on the meaning of your sales career is that you must be willing to invest five years to degenerate into sales career can really enjoy the people.

This long-term commitment to completely change your training, routine work, customers, themselves and their communities, as well as the attitude of other work. In our society, good people for their own lives and will have a long-range planning.

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