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Success is so much more than just money or fame

  • Author:Hopely Li
  • Release on:2016-12-23
Success is so much more than just money or fame. Success is about being able to live a happy and fulfilling life that allows you to be true to who you really are.

If you want to have a successful life, if you want to create a life that makes you feel passionate to be alive, here are the three things you need to focus on.

1. Believe In Yourself

If you don't believe in yourself, how do you expect other people to?

If you don't believe that you can have the life you desire, if you don't believe that you can achieve all that you are setting out to achieve, it is going to be very difficult to create a successful life.

When you believe in yourself, it fuels your creativity, your ambitions and your motivation to do things. It also helps you to take a leap of faith when it comes to going after what it is that you truly desire.

2. Know Your Intention

If your intention is simply rooted in money and fame, chances are you are never going to truly feel successful.

The feeling of success that is given through money and fame is only temporary and is not enough to sustain a long-term feeling of fulfillment and happiness.

For a truly successful life, your intention has to be rooted in your purpose, in your passions and in what feels good to you.

When your intention is to serve your purpose, make a change in the world and express your gifts and talents, you will feel true success and satisfaction no matter what the outcome.

3. Realize You Are Already Successful

Success is all around you and flows through you and the more you can welcome that into your life, the more you will start to feel it.

Being grateful for the tiniest successes in life will also help you to create more and more success. This is a powerful mindset shift and one that will help you to align with your ambitions and dreams.

The truth is that you are already successful and once you realize this, there is no stopping what you can do.

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