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Success is the integration of human resource

Faye 2016-02-24 11:18:17

In the twenty-first century, the most important resource is not money, not the land, but human resources. Every successful people, there are very rich in human resources, they know a lot more successful, the most successful people in the world, we must have the best relationships with the world's leading and most wealth human beings.

They understand the talent is the greatest resource in the enterprise, talent is the biggest resource, every successful entrepreneur will surely tell you that all things are made out of their organization. Successful people are using the power of others, leveraging the power will always be less laborious.

Steel magnate Andrew Carnegie once said:. "You can take away all my assets if leave my people, after four years, I will be the steel magnate, or will become the world's richest man" can be seen, how the human resources important.

Always keep the pay of mind, rather than to get, only to pay in order to continuously make new friends, sincere friend, you have to continually pay in order to get people's sympathy, others will agree with you. When they trust you produce when they agree with you, they will be willing to help you reach your goal to contribute to the society together.

When you contribute to society when the laws of the universe will naturally back to you, whether spiritually, physically, spiritually, or your relationships.

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