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Telling Lies

  • Author:Eylan
  • Release on:2018-04-23

People say life is full of lies. Some people tell lies to make themselves feel better, while some do this to cover their criminal acts. We have been educated to be an honest person and telling lies is not acceptable. When we experience different stages of life, we will find lies sometimes are acceptable.

On the one hand, whether a lie is considered to be forgiven lies in the purpose. People tell lies for making others feel better and won’t bring the negative effect, then we call it the white lie. For example, a little boy’s father died of car accident and people told the boy that his father has gone to a far place and would not come back in the short time, which could reduce the innocent boy’s pain and made him grow up happily.

On the other hand, when people make the mistakes, they told lies for avoiding the responsibility, which is the bad behavior. We need to face our mistakes and make them right. The courage to face our problem makes us to be a mature person.

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