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The Traps of Part-time Job

  • Author:Eylan
  • Release on:2017-10-11

Taking a part-time job is many college students’ choice, because they have much spared time and they also want to gain working experience, as so to make better preparation for the future career. It is a good choice for them as they can learn to be independent, but they are easy get into traps.

The common trap is the money taken by the broker. As students have no idea how to find the job, so some people work as the brokers, who get the money by introducing the job. They always get a lot of money and the students haven’t realized that the broker ask too much. Another common trap is from the employers. They think students are lack of experience and try to find all kinds of excuses to reduce salary. 

Most college students don’t know how to protect their benefit as they are young and innocent. So they need to be super careful. They should go to big company, such as KFC. It is better to skip the broker, or ask someone you trust in to introduce. Before students take the job, it is necessary to learn more knowledge about law.

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