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The attitude of adversity, decide how you had this life

  • Author:Faye
  • Release on:2017-04-24

Once with colleagues out of the interview, the other is a well-known travel photographer. We finished lunch immediately on the trip, thought to arrive in advance, only a half-way traffic jam, late for half an hour.
On the way, we envisioned the worst possible situation. But surprisingly, came to the hotel and found that he was not angry, but quietly sitting on the side of the window, cloth tea, please us seated. He looks ordinary, but look cordial, gentle and decent words, people like the spring breeze.
He talked about just graduated from that moment, also went to a newspaper work, gradually fell in love with photography. After get off work a free time went to a friend's photo studio to start, self-study expertise.
Once in order to take the scene, he walked from Sichuan to Lhasa. Encounter wolves at night, was disheartened, that a dead end. But suddenly saw a distant fire, he exclaimed loudly for help, happened to be with the hound patrol the local people saved, lucky escape.
He said to us, "If you were then killed and missed the fire, maybe I was not there today."
Later, he also encountered many other difficulties, whenever wanted to give up, will think of that night in the mud in the run. Finally, a bite a stomp, and bite the bullet and continue to go.
This life is a boil is five years, during which he participated in several domestic photography contest, began in the circle of minor celebrities. Later, in order to expand their horizons, he began to travel the world. Has been to dozens of countries, works frequently boarded the world stage.
At the end of the interview, he said to us: "The reality is like a quagmire, some people choose to sink, and some people across the quagmire for the distance.If you want to flee the quagmire, you must strive to become excellent.

Life can not make life of the Hom, only make life difficult for people.
Senior year that year, Xiaolan PubMed failure, she was depressed all day, internship work do not want to find, graduation thesis has not yet opened the question, every day dejected, friends in the circle of some negative energy dynamic.
I do not have the heart to see her so, so made a WeChat comfort, said: "people in this life, always encounter some seem insurmountable homeless, but if you stay in place, indulge in the setbacks, will never get To grow.
The next day we met each other. She explained that he would like to go to college to teach, so stubborn in the PubMed. But it is not reconciled, why others can pass the exam and can not complete their own.
I said to her, since you have a goal, and so clear, that now the failure is just a temporary ring true. People in this life, can not be all things wishful, we have to learn to face those sudden adversity.
When you go home and brush your friends, you see that she has made a dynamic: "If you have a dream, you have to defend it."
Year blink of an eye, just a few days ago, Xiaolan through the University of graduate students retest, made a special call, thanked me a year ago to her encouragement. In fact, this is not a kind of incentives for their own.
I like this poem: "the night gave me black eyes, but I use it to find the light." Life is also true, even in the face of adversity, can not lose the yearning for the future. To know that the turn is often grasped in the effort to improve the hands of people, only step by step forward, you can get rid of the foot of the mud.

A while ago, participated in an Internet business sharing conference, heard a fun word called "adversity business". Sometimes it is time to measure the height of a person, not how high is IQ, how much EQ is, but how tough it is for adversity. Adversity business people, often can adversity as motivated to motivate their own forward. So, to some extent, your attitude towards adversity will determine how far your life can go.
This world is not fair, some people born in poverty, some people's wealth. The goal of your life effort, for some people, may be just the starting point. But then how, is this you are willing to fall, choose to escape, with other people's superior to punish their own reasons?
This is a time full of variables and opportunities, counterattack things happen all the time. Some people rely on writing to fame, become a best-selling author; some people rely on a new idea, flew tens of millions of money; there are people who rely on open shop to get rich, across the so-called class barrier ... ...
We see others shining at the same time, but also believe that the power of self-struggle. If you do not force yourself to face the cruel reality of reality and frustration, you will never know how good you will be.
Escape is simply can not solve the problem, but will exacerbate your plight. No matter what the current situation, I hope you can do the right thing.
May you step on the silt, but also to the light.

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