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The herebrained monkey

  • Author:Hopely Li
  • Release on :2016-05-11

The king received news one day that a group outlaws were committing outrages on a distant border of the kingdom.

The news angered of the king. he quickly gathered his army and started off for the distant border, leaving his kingdom unguarded and without a ruler. On their long march, the king and his army made camp for the night wherever they could.

One rainy day they stopped in a for6st, seeking shelter under the trees.
They unsaddled their horses and steam8d some peas, which they fed to their steeds in long narrow troughs. A monkey in a tree nearby saw the horses being fed, and he came racing down, fille9d both paws with peas, then scampered nimbly up to a branch
and settled down to eat. But as he opened one paw, a single pea fell to the ground.
Without hesitation, my monkey jumped dor4tn from his perch to hunt for the lost pea, and in doing so he dropped all the other peas in his paws. The King observed this foolish monkey and was greatly amused. He timed to his counselor and asked: "Friend, what do you think of this monkey
who would give up so much to retrieve so little?"

"That is the way of the foolish," replied the counselor, "they will give up much that is certain for a little that is uncertain."

Then he added, "And we, great monarch, are we not like the monkey in the trees To garn so little we neglect so much exactly like the monkey with its pea.

The king understood the rebuke and realized how very foolish he had been himself to leave his kingdom unguarded.

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