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There is sense of responsibility learn to listen to middle-aged life feeling

Hopely Li 2016-08-16 15:01:53

1. Take accountability for your mistakes. If you find yourself blaming others, look for your part and take ownership.

2. Sometimes life puts you through circumstances that show you who's really there for you. Focus on the ones who are there and who love and support you, rather than the ones that aren't, or can't be.

3. Listening is so much more important than talking. You already know what you know when you open your mouth. When you open your ears that’s when true learning takes place.

4. Our energy is one of our greatest resources, so it's important to be careful who surrounds us. It's okay to close the door on negativity. You'll soon see how this preserves your positive energy.

5. Travel makes you richer - even if it's not far from home. Opening your eyes to the world and all the wonders in it will enrich the quality of your life.

6. The older we get, the faster time goes: the only way to slow it down is to be grateful for each moment.

7. Be patient with the world around you, give others the benefit of the doubt, for you are the one who suffers most when you're irritated.

8. Comparing yourself to others is the fastest way to put limitations on your potential. Stick with competing with the person you were yesterday.

9. It is inevitable that bad things will happen, to you or to someone equally undeserving of pain. These moments are meant to measure our reactions to the event, and that's where you'll see how strength is truly defined.

10. Support your friends dreams and encourage them whenever you can. An added benefit is that you'll be happy to be surrounded by people who love their lives.

11. If you want things to change, start by changing yourself.

12. If you genuinely don't want to do something or go somewhere, be honest. No one wants to spend time with you when you wish you were somewhere else.

13. Follow your dreams. Don't be afraid of them...or what other people think of them. Give it all you've got and you can never fail.

14. Tell people your dreams, as often as they are willing to listen. Goals become more tangible when we say them aloud.

15. Align yourself with like-minded people, people who motivate and inspire you, and those that make you feel genuinely happy when they are around. Treat them with love and respect.

16. Be a role model: let your actions and your words be unified. Be someone you'd look up to.


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