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Top executives of US companies share views on innovation

  • Author:Kyrene Zuo
  • Source:China Daily
  • Release on:2017-11-11

   China is on its way to transform itself being the world factory to an innovation-drivern country.In earlier interviews with China Daily, some top executives of US companies shared their view on innovation in China and how they are embracing innovation. 

Alan Crozier, CEO of Microsoft Greater China

  China is one of the most dynamic places for economic growth and innovation in the world.The entire country is going through a digital transformation, driven by technology and innovation.
  AI(Artificial intelligence) is the most innovatiove thing happening in China today.Because AI is still in its infancy,it is just starting to be taken seriously by companies aroung the world. China,however,has been ahead of the game in AI research in some respects.In applying AI, the country has an advantage.
  Naturally,Microsoft has been workin on artificial intelligence for many years. We conduct a great deal of "Breakthrough"AI research in China,where we have our largest research and development operation outside the US.

Curt Ferguson, president of Coca-Cola Greater China and South Korea
  Innovation has been the driving force as China becomes a more consumption-based economy.Aiming to satisfy the changing consumer landscape,we have made innovation a top priority to ensure sustainable growth.Our innovation and development center in Shanghai is our largest outside the US.