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  • Author:Eylan
  • Release on:2017-06-28

Can people trust each other?
I think we can trust each other in our country.
Firstly,as is known to all,our country is devoted to build a harmonious society.What is harmonious society?For us,it’s a world full of honest,friendly atmosphere,justice,fair and open competition between social members,regions and departments.Imagine that everybody of us won’t trust each other any more,how can the beautiful “harmonious society” come true?
You may say that here are so many problems and contradictions around us.Everyone seems to look at others with suspicion.Every home there must be with an anti-theft door to keep safe.Some new bicycles are locked with two locks,but even that cannot prevent them from being stolen.But do you know that it is a normal phenomenon in every country,even the most developed USA?To protect your own possession is one of your daily task,not others’.
Secondly,mutual trust is also essential for making a real friend.A slight smile when we meet each other will shorten our distance.Loyalty is the basic foundation for people to trust and communicate with each other,thus,keep the society in harmony.Admittedly,relationships are established on mutual trust and loyalty which cannot be easily altered to maintain genuine relationships.
Of course,it is a fact that deceiving is a threat to the stability of our society.Deceivers damage the principals of social “games”.More over,they destroy the backbone-trust,which our society depends on.But it is a fact that you can only avoid or keep away from rather than put an end to.In that situation,why do we sigh there instead of confronting it?
What shall we do to end up the unexpected atmosphere?Firstly we should be honest,and treat other people with an open mind.Secondly,for the poor,we should give them a hand for help.The most important is to help those children who can’t afford to go to school,because they are the hope for the poor families and the poor regions.Thirdly,for our individuals,when handling some business,we should accord to the principle.And when we have the accurate evidence of bribing,we may report to the authorities and make them exposed to the public.If each of us can do so,contradiction in our society can be reduced and the harmonious society can come true earlie

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