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Wanhua Chemical resumes production of the MDI plant of Hungarian Baoside Chemical Co., Ltd.

2021-11-05 18:15:53
Global Polyurethane News: On the evening of October 19, 2021, Wanhua Chemical issued an announcement stating that according to the company’s announcement on August 10, 2021, “Wanhua Chemical Group Co., Ltd. Regarding the Resumption of Production of MDI Plants and Subsidiaries in Yantai Industrial Park Announcement on the suspension of production and maintenance of the equipment of Hungary Borsod Chemical Company" (Announcement No.: Lin 2021-58), the company's subsidiary Hungary Borsod Chemical Company (BorsodChemZrt.) MDI plant (300,000 tons/year) in August 2021 Production will be discontinued for maintenance on the 17th.

Up to now, the maintenance of the MDI device of Baoside Chemical Company has been completed and normal production has resumed.

According to the data, Wanhua Chemical Group Co., Ltd. is a state-owned holding company operating globally. Its business focuses on polyurethane, petrochemical, and fine chemicals, and is committed to providing high-performance new chemical materials. As a high-tech company with expertise in technological innovation, Wanhua has cultivated technological innovation as the company’s first core competitiveness, and has now developed into a global MDI manufacturer with leading technology, largest production capacity, and most comprehensive competitiveness. Advanced technology, complete supporting facilities, the most competitive propylene industry chain, as well as a large number of world-class new chemical materials and fine chemicals such as special amines, ADI, polyether, PC, TPU, surface materials, etc. The financial report shows that in the first three quarters of 2021, the company achieved operating income of 107.318 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 117.99%; net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was 19.542 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 265.32%; basic earnings per share were 6.22 yuan.

Reprint from: Global Polyurethane News