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When their horses

  • Author:Faye
  • Release on:2016-06-12

We had read Han Yu, "Ma said," a text, the effect is this: There are horses, will have a Maxima. If not, then horses, had a good qualification Maxima, often horses will become dead and no one knows it is capable of traveling thousands of miles horse.

Maybe everyone lends to believe that there must be horses appear to see their potential and try to cultivate their own talent to be able to flourish. Many unsuccessful people often think they are underappreciated Maxima present, but bad luck, did not meet horses, which led to his genius was buried.

Bole for a person's success undoubtedly has some effect. But each Bole plays are not "all the way to support, always dependent" role, he may accompany some success, but eventually have to let go, the most important obstacles to their own success or by the span.

Bole life experience, of course, contributed to the success; but horses can not be met, not met the horses, we are doomed to failure?

Not long ago, a reporter asked who won the world champion badminton players Xiong Guobao: "You can win a world championship, which is the most cultivated thank the coach?" Stiff, he thought, frankly: "If you really want to thanks, I thank the most is their own. "

It turned out he was elected to the national team, but the role of "green" in. Coach chose him, not to cultivate him, but to him when sparring. He did not complain, did not slack off, he appreciated his game, one day believe they can succeed. In those years, in order to enhance physical fitness, more than ten degrees below zero in the winter, he still 5:00 in the morning to go to the morning run.

That year he PAD file in the World Series, we all thought he was to become "a sacrifice", no one cares if he will win. Did not think he should win all the way down like gangbusters, and even won the hearts of the most promising coaches teammates to win, he won the world champion, a famous battle.

Appreciate their own without a coach, he appreciated himself; cultivation without a coach himself, he cultivated himself. When the opportunity to look to him to seize the opportunity, we have been successful. If he had entangled in the "green" role, blame the coach, "senseless" self-imposed exile, then, when the opportunity comes, he will certainly surprise, when a final "sacrifice hit" work.

There is no need to be a successful teacher devoting himself to support Zhuge fools. Successful people are actually their own horses. If successful Maxima, then they want to run their own little faster Flanagan whip, 99% hold in their hands, but also the direction of their own manipulation. Life on the road, if the case of horses, we must have the courage when their "horses."

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