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Where does the sword of The Journey Of Flower come from?

Faye Finehope 2015-11-17 16:20:52

"The Journey Of Flower" is a highest ratings TV play recently, it is adapted from the novel of the same name Fresh. It focuses on the love story between a girl named Qiangu Hua and a immortal named Zihua Bai...... an ordinary girl was forced into a demon god story.


Qiangu Hua is an ordinary girl, her biggest feature may be able to see a ghost of it. By chance to send things to Shushan, she not only knows a lot of people, but also knows her master. She loves her master, but her master love the world common people. To be misunderstood, to be jealous, she was forced into the demon god step by step. Still love him so much. Finally, she uses their magical powers to make a bureau, a losing gamble. She knew he loved her, but she cursed him cannot be hurt. She was killed by him, but he will not die together. "Next life, i will not fall in love with you." Really like this? Since then he crazy for her, and never leave away.


I personally like TV adaptation the men and women starring, the novel is really good, tears always, but the end is very warm. I wonder if you still remember the story of The Journey Of Flower, in order to control the sword by willing, she trains in deep night, final, she controls sword to fly up....... particularly lovely. About this Sword (props), if it’s steel, iron, or wood, it must be very heavy! Not to speak of controlling the sword, also to move it...... Today i want to exposed the sword material, which was made by PU. Can not see this? If you need that is light and high imitation props, you can go Finehope and have a look, thank you ~~~