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Your height depends on your attitude

  • Author:Faye
  • Release on:2017-05-28

An unknown workplace "rookie" can rush to what height? Let a country of Cinderella to tell us the answer.

When entering the workplace, she was arranged by an advertising company to answer the phone and other trivial work. Salary is very low, but bent on their parents to live a good day, especially cherish the job. Answer the phone, she is always hearty and affectionately greet each other, silently remember the voice of regular callers, intentions to take a phone call, the second time she will be able to hear who is the other side. In this way, less than three months, she met all the company's customers. Customer account of the matter, she is also accurate to convey to the company responsible for the relevant business personnel.

She believes that the first job will not be permanent work, but only to work hard to do the first job, it may have the next job opportunities. With this work belief, she asked herself to go all out and make things the ultimate. A year later, the company's finance department appeared an assistant vacancy, the director immediately thought of her. Although only a temporary employee role, she is pleased to accept, and to be perfect. Later, she gradually entered the work of different departments, do not understand the place to ask others or self-study, from the grassroots all the way to the company executives.

Her first advertiser is in the industry to pick the famous South Overseas Chinese. Many senior colleagues advised her to look at the usual, because according to past experience, this customer has to propose three or four times to pass.

In order to this proposal, she every morning an hour into the company, the last one left at night. She humbled to colleagues to ask, but the proposal has made her feel at ease: some think that the most concerned about the price of overseas Chinese, some think that the South Overseas Chinese advertising period of the most critical, and some that the most attention to the South Overseas Chinese exposure and media choice.

Comprehensive colleagues all the views, she prepared four options to the customer selection. For the first time, she was prepared for the full, so that the proposal once passed, causing the whole company sensation! Uphold this will always be more than some customers, would like to prepare early, she gradually in the advertisers to establish reputation.

At the age of 33, she served as general manager of the letter and media business, became the youngest general manager of the advertising industry. And then later, she single-handedly create a disguise Taiwan's advertising industry kingdom. She is known as Taiwan's "advertising godmother" Yu Xiang, now serves as the largest local advertising company group chairman of the group, holding a third of the advertising business.

In English, Altitude means "height", Attitude means "attitude", the two words only one letter difference. And the relationship between the two is: a person can reach the height, often depends on what kind of attitude. Yu Xiang success factor is a lot, but from her face the attitude of the work, we can know that she can rush to such a high degree, in fact, is not surprising.

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