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The Relation Between Men and Animals

  • Author:Eylan
  • Release on:2018-02-09

We are always educated that human and animals are friends, and we should get along well with each other harmoniously. Nowadays, most young people like to keep pets, and they treat these lovely animals as their families. The relationship between men and animals are strong. Take the movie Hachi for example. Most people have seen this touching movie would be impressed by the dog’s loyalty to his master. They just can’t help tearing. This director is good at describing the animals. His new work will be soon brought to the screen and surely people will be touched again. In some places, people have the tradition to eat cats and dogs. It is so cruel. Protecting animals is everybody’s duty. If someday they disappear, then the biological system will be broken and there is a great crisis for human being to survive.

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