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What would help a new mother ?

  • Author:Finehope Amanda
  • Source:Oringinal
  • Release on:2022-01-08

Babies are so cute and nice. Most of us like them very much. Parents love their cute and smile most.

However, if you ever change the diaper for baby, you will know the pain of bending waist in unsuitable position for long time, emotion breakdown of excrement pollute the sheet, and all clean up and make up works of sheet.

Furthermore, baby will not stay on the sheet quiet and still. They may like to practice their leg, scratch their body, and turn around. It may make the diaper changing more difficulty. Sometimes, it may also cause dangerous.

How to help new mother to overcome these mess and enjoy more happy time of accompany?

We recommend a polyurethane baby diaper changing mat or changing pad. They are the same meaning. It’s made of 100% polyurethane foam.

First, Surface soft for baby.  

Second, it is can be used on suitable platform surface to fit mother’s handle convenient.

Third, water resistant, easy clean with water and dry up quickly.

Besides, some changing mats have safety belt to make sure baby is on the mat better.

However, we recommend not left baby alone.

Hope more and more new mother can enjoy happy motherhood.