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PU bicycle saddle, polyurethane bicycle cushion, PU saddlePU bicycle saddle, polyurethane bicycle cushion, PU saddlePU bicycle saddle, polyurethane bicycle cushion, PU saddlePU bicycle saddle, polyurethane bicycle cushion, PU saddle

PU bicycle saddle, polyurethane bicycle cushion, PU saddle

  • Name: PU bicycle saddle, polyurethane bicycle cushion, PU saddle
  • Type: PU (polyurethane) from the bike saddle
  • Material: PU Polyurethane - from the crust
  • Density: 400-450kg / m3
  • Shape: customized according to customer product design
  • Color: black, color can be customized according to customer requirements.
  • Packaging: Standard carton
  • Payment Terms: 30% deposit, payment and delivery.
  • MOQ: 1,000pcs
  • Shipping Location: Xiamen, Fujian, China
  • Meet the certification: RoSH, REACH, EN71-3, phthalic 6P

Finehope was founded in 2002 and the number of workers is more than 100 and the number of management 41 team The average age of 32 the company has a modern factory with an area of 7000 square meters and also has area of 1000 square meters of office building combining classical and modern styles.

1. why Choose Finehope?

Finehope is the most professional manufacturer of PU China, which has a professional R & amp; Amp; D team, advanced production PU equipment and professional team of test and perfect quality management System. We have 12 years of experience in cooperation with FIAT, cat, GGP, TVH and other famous companies. We give service of R & amp; Amp; D to production to meet their needs of adjustment.

2. what happens the benefits of choosing Finehope?

1. the product quality, delivery, good after-sales service guarantee assurance

2. cost-effective, effectiveness in rapid development, professional activities with integrity

3. Finehope will be an analysis of all the evidence, and then to develop testing standards, in order to reduce standard solution of quality between customers and manufacturers.

4. lean Mode of production management.

5.support customers design and development of new products.

6. the rich are has experience in the design and production of PU products.

7. Finehope is high technology enterprise in China, with national and international patents of invention technology and intellectual property.

3. what happens Are products pu?

Vehicles, machinery, sports gym, medical appliances and daily tea and so on.

4. differences between Finehope and national colleagues?

1.quality Maintenance: long term of the product (APQP) quality planning.

2.Finehope has a rich experience in the maintenance of large scale international enterprises.

3. has professional team of research and development of polyurethane material.

4.has independent design, manufacturing and innovation of production capacity and machinery and moulds.

5. has engineer The team, which is responsible for the system of quality and quality control.

5. what happens Finehope and differences between European and American peers?

1. has a sound and mature supply chain support

2. form costs of

3. high efficiency design and development process of short term capacity.

4. cost efficient attitude and good service.

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