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7 steps teach you how to find a job online

  • Author:Max
  • Release on :2016-06-27

1.Pinpoint the jobs you might want. Before you do anything else, go to the websites of the fivecompanies you have targeted and get the job descriptions of specific openings that interestyou.

2. Take your cue from the job descriptions. Next, "mark the precise words and phrases thatdescribe the skills and knowledge someone has decided are necessary for each job," Lydensays.

3. Rewrite your resume for each opening. Use the keywords and phrases you highlighted whendescribing any relevant experience you have. Be precise. Let's say a job description reads"Must have experience with finite element analysis," an engineering specialty often abbreviatedas FEA. If your resume says "Experience in FEA," you could be counted out.

"The person doing the screening may not know that FEA stands for 'finite element analysis,'so your resume may never get a second glance," says Lyden. "It sounds crazy and unfair, butit happens all the time."

Tailor each resume you submit to match those exact key phrases from the job description. Ifyou have no training or experience in a given area of the job description, concentrate on theones where you do have some knowledge.

4. Create a heading on each resume that says "Interest Areas." Take all the keywords andphrases you highlighted from the job description and list them under this heading, even ifthey've already been mentioned in your resume's "Experience" or "Education" sections.

It seems redundant, but some computer screening systems are set up to scan the "InterestAreas" part first, so again, it's a way to not get tossed aside in the first round of screening.

5. Rewrite your profile on each web site. When you register on employers' websites, make sureyour online profile includes those same keywords and phrases -- especially if the company asksfor your "interest areas."

6. Then -- and only then -- apply for the jobs that interest you. If you've already applied forspecific jobs, follow the five steps above and reapply.

7. Keep customizing your resume, and updating your online profiles. As you apply for morejobs, repeat the process above for each one.

Now, about your second question, regarding your less-than-stellar GPA: "For some reason,employers are stuck on 3.0 as the lowest GPA they will consider," Lyden notes. "So a 2.8cumulative GPA may be a problem for you."


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