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Failure is an option, but do not worry

  • Author:Hopely LI
  • Release on :2016-06-25

Thus, the success of these expeditions, you know, really began to understand what is there, as we have theseamazing amazing animals in the deep sea vents. They are basically aliensright here on Earth. They live in an environment ofchemosynthesis. They do not survive sunlightbased on the system, the way we did. So, a 500 next to your life degreeCentigrade water plume seeinganimals. Do you think they can not exist.

At the same time, I'm very interested in space science, and, again, you know thescience influential novels as a child. I was involved in winding up with the space community, really involved with NASA, sitting NASA Advisory Committee, planning actual space missions, to Russia, to the - the astronauts pre-agreement biomedical, and all these various ofthings, actually go He flew to the international Space station with our 3D camera systems.And this is fascinating. But I will do is winding up space scientists with us taking intothe deep down, so that they can get astrobiologists, planetaryscientists, People who interest in these extreme environments, taking down tothe vent, and let them see and take samples and test instruments, and so on.

So, here we do a documentary, but actually doing science, actually doingspace science. I can completely close the loop between as a science fiction fan, you know, as a kid, to do this thing really.


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