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A "Let Reading Occupy the Subway" campaign was launched in Beijing.

  • Author:Dana
  • Release on:2016-02-17

A "Let Reading Occupy the Subway" campaign was launched in Beijing.

At 7:00 am on Sunday morning, when most Beijing commuters were enjoying a lie-in before another busy week, around two dozen people waited quietly at the city's busy Xizhimen station, carrying their favorite books.They took the train and began to read on their 30-minute-long trip.

Wang Chong, one of the people behind the flash mob that widely circulated online, said its purpose was to call for people to read more books amid the decline of reading in China in recent years.

Chinese people read an average 4.56 books, 65.03 newspapers and 6.07 magazines during 2014, according to a survey.

"We named this performance art 'occupy the subway and read books' and we hope to inspire people to read books," Wang told the Global Times on Tuesday. "Many people seem to be occupied by various entertainments nowadays, including TV shows or browsing gossip news on their phones."

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