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A keen Sense of justice

Hannah Gao 2015-12-20 22:53:05

Unless you deal justly with others you cannot hope either to cultivate an attractive personality or to succeed in your definite major purpose.The essential component of a keen sense of justice is a dedication to intentional honesty.
Even if a keen sense of justice prevents you from seizing every opportunity, it carries with it a host of practical benefits:
1.It establishes the basis of confidence,without which you cannot have an attractive personality
2.It builds a fundamentally sincere and sound character,which by itself is a powerfully attractive trait
3.It not only attracts people but offers opportunities for real and lasting personal gain
4.It builds your sense of self-reliance and self-respect
5.It strengthens your relationship with your conscience and thus allows you to act more promptly since your motives and desires are clearer
6.It attracts worthwhile friends and discourages you enemies
7.It opens your mind to faith
A keen sense of justice is not merely a tool for gaining material rewards.It enhances every human relationship.It discourages avarice and selfishness and gives you a much better understanding of your rights,privileges,and responsiblities.With it,every aspect of attractive personality grows stronger.
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