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A man 's failure 98% die of temper

  • Author:Faye
  • Release on:2016-11-29

★ inspirational world - to hold the greatest hope for the greatest efforts to do the worst. ★

Important to see yourself every day again, until all slowly change ~ Thailand's legendary man - Bailong Wang warned: people as long as the good temper, everything will be good. Many people come here and ask me: my career is good? Family is good? Child is good? / Marriage is good? I just replied: Do you have a bad temper? People's life is learning to learn, life is a lifetime thing, there is no way to graduate. Life, whether it is Shi Nong business, a variety of people, as long as there is progress in learning.

1,【Learning to admit】people often admit to admit their mistakes, everything is said to be someone else's fault, that he is right, in fact, do not admit is a mistake. The object of mistaken identity can be parents, friends, the community, God, and even to the children or people who admit me wrong, not only will not have anything less, but you seem to measure. Learning to admit is good, is a great practice.

2, 【learning soft】 people's teeth are hard, the tongue is soft, to the end of life, the teeth are out of light, the tongue will not fall, so soft, life can be long, hard but suffer. Soft-hearted, and is the greatest progress in practice. General description of persistent people say, your heart, your character is cold, very hard, like steel. If we like the Zen said that the interest rate adjustment, tone, align, and slowly tune volts like a wild horse, like a monkey's heart, make it soft, life can live happier, more long-term.

3,【study students forbearance】 this world is to bear the breath, calm, step back and forth; tolerance, everything can be eliminated. Tolerance is to deal with, will resolve, with wisdom, ability to make big things small, small things without. To live, to survive, to life, with tolerance, you can recognize the world's good or bad, good and evil, right and wrong, and even accept it.

4, 【learning communication】 lack of communication, will produce right and wrong, disputes and misunderstandings. The most important thing is communication, mutual understanding, mutual understanding, help each other, we are brothers, mutual dispute, not how to communicate peace?

5, 【learn to lay down】 life like a suitcase, when needed to mention, when not put it down, should be put down, but do not put down, like dragging heavy luggage, can not be comfortable. The years of life is limited, admit, respect, tolerance in order to let people accept, let go ah!

6, 【learning moving】 to see people have the benefits, to be happy; see good people a good thing, to be able to move. Touched is a love, Bodhisattva, Bodhicitta, in the decades, many things, the language touched us, so we are also very hard to find ways to let others moved.

7, 【learning to survive】 in order to survive, to maintain good health, good health not only for their own benefit, but also to friends, family, rest assured, it is also filial piety behavior. Ask yourself every night before going to bed: Today I lost my temper? The attitude of life and the truth of life, everyone will benefit after seeing you?

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