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To the soul with spring

  • Author:Hannah Gao
  • Release on:2016-11-29

The third year of the road is Yimapingchuan, Cotai Strip, there is no rugged, no muddy, not even dusty; Middle School of the river is undaunted, the level of the mirror, the level as a mirror, no clouds, no thunder, no storm; , There is no waves, no Jingtao, no whirlpool - this can only be fantasy. On the contrary, the third year of the sky often thunder and thunder, the third year of the river there will always be rough sea, the third year of the road must be thorny clusters. The synthesis of the soul-stirring high school symphony.
Marx, Engels, said: "In the entrance to science, just as in the entrance to hell ... ..." We want to create the glory of life, in order to realize the value of life, we must dare to withstand "hell" torture, "hell "The challenge. Notes, stand the storm beaten, pine and cypress will be more green; stand the cold of the temper, flowers will be particularly tender and beautiful; students withstand the temper of the third year, the tree of life will be lush.
How to break through the dangerous third-generation? Important is to have a good mood. To the soul with the spring, we will have a good mood. Nature of the well-being, we have no way to change; and the pros and cons of mood, we can control. The mind is full of bright spring, the outside world will be shelter from the cold. One teacher said: "In fact, his life is on the road.Have a happy heart, and then a long road can be all the way to sing; have a pleasant state of mind, the long road can be a brilliant road scenery. "
To the mind to spring, with a good mood, so that would prefer to start. In fact, life is a departure. From the primary school, our destination is junior high school; from junior high school, our destination is high school; from high school, our destination is an institution of higher learning ... ... life is endless, starting without end. Starting again and again to bring us to the vision of the open, open-minded mind, the promotion of life. Yes, we are in hurry, all the way to hurry, all the way lonely. But the thirst will be found after the Qinglie sweet streams, lonely will find witty situation, hardship will be relaxed and happy after the enjoyment. The mysterious landscape with irresistible magnetism; that into the success of the day exudes a fragrant aroma. Let us come from the starting, and then passed from the start, let us more like to start again and again.
To the soul with spring, self-confidence is an important spring. The face of the third year of the opportunities and challenges, it is important and their own ratio. Take a look at today's own than yesterday's own progress, and tomorrow's own more than today's own. Defeat, and see if they have the courage to reorganize the rivers and mountains? To overcome their own is the most difficult, and overcome their own, will win the success, create brilliant!
I would like to emphasize that in failure, especially when the defeat, do not forget to mind to spring. Indeed, failure is a piercing pain, is a unforgettable torture, is a chilling destruction, is a kind of hearted disappointment, is a disheartened frustration, or even Is a people desperate to die. Especially in our efforts to pay a great effort to pay the extraordinary hardships, to do after the desperate struggle. However, another point of view, failure is not an opportunity, is it not a tragic, it is not a promotion, it is not a temper. Failure is the eve of success, is the prelude to victory, is the re-emergence of the starting line, is to achieve beyond the signal. The road leading to the Arc de Triomphe was made of failed masonry; the success of the gold particles came from the failure of the gravel. In the failure of chromosomes often contain a successful gene. We should not be afraid of failure, do not refuse to fail, do not be defeated defeat. As long as we do not admit defeat, there are lofty aspirations of reorganization of rivers and mountains, we will soon win the victory; as long as we conscientiously sum up the lessons, admit defeat, face up to failure, correct mistakes, we will be able to usher in the sky glow.
We all love nature's spring, but nature will not every day is a bright spring, there will be harsh winter. If there is no spring in the mind, even in the spring and summer flowers in the poetic landscape in the spring, will feel disheartened; and if the spring in the mind, is the twilight dripping water into Ling winter, will be walking light, New life full of longing. Now, nature has long since entered the winter, may our hearts be covered with the hope of the rose color, full of charming spring.