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You just do today

  • Author:Faye
  • Release on:2016-12-15

Today's thing to do today, no matter what tomorrow, do not hope for tomorrow, maybe tomorrow, and we do not know what will happen, maybe there is no tomorrow, or even the future and the future, then why must And so tomorrow?

As the saying goes: time is money, time is life, time is to determine a person's success or failure of the determinants, let alone one day, twenty-four hours a day, one hour fourteen hundred and forty minutes, we simply do not Know how much to happen, it is we can not expect and control. It is impossible to predict and control how much to do each day.

For example: in a war, the enemy forces of both sides of the case, every minute may be the key to the success of the whole war, let alone a day, or even tomorrow. Every minute, every second if you are not fully seized, a minute later, you may have become a loser, and the other side at this time is the winner, on the contrary, as you have become the victor, waiting for the enemy to disarm surrender. In the case of the disparity between the enemy and the army, every minute or every second is particularly important for any party to the war. In addition to considering the commander's strategy and tactics, the ability to fully grasp the time is the key to the success or failure of the war. The relative strength of the party, if race against time, do the pre-war full force deployment and arrangements, while the enemy's negligence, in one fell swoop to annihilate the enemy, on the contrary the same.

Through the above example you can know, do not wait until tomorrow, today's thing to do today. How to do, it is your own thing, no one person, do not want to do today, can really do a good job, not many, the following I have a few things to do:

One is patience, saying: towering high-rise from the ground, frozen three feet of the day, do not do anything overnight, have always been. Everyone from small to do every day around any one thing, try to do a good job perfect, without leaving any regret. It requires us to do things to strive for excellence, develop their patience, be met with calm.

2. Be careful. Everyone should make use of the materialist dialectics to analyze the problem, solve the problem, and have a deep understanding of the two sides of the problem, so as to do everything in a limited time. We analyze the specific problems, do the combination of points and points, carefully consider the real meaning of the problem, carefully analyze the whole thing, the cause and effect, relevance, from which to find the key to solve the problem.

Three is determined, the ancients said: the world is not difficult I am afraid that there are people, as long as there is determination to do things, not what we can not do and can not do things, the so-called things in the human. Every day we encounter things, usually not in our consciousness, but some random life trivia, there are big and small. At this time we need to make full use of two points and focus on the analysis of the problem, to explore a breakthrough to solve the problem, the right medicine, in order to achieve a multiplier effect. Specifically, it requires us to fail to meet the difficulties, there must be knowing not to be determined, convinced that there is no do not do their own things and can not be done. As the saying goes: car to the pilgrimage there must be way, things always have a solution.

Four is the logic, as the saying goes: no rules not a radius, everything has a cause and effect, there are rules to follow. Every day around any one thing, encountered anything, be prepared in advance, things in a coherent, very clear afterwards, after the impression. Let the brain first have a logic of doing things, to distinguish things priorities, size, cause and effect, can use the method to solve the problem of a breakthrough, to deal with in order to achieve a satisfactory solution to the problem.

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