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You can cry, but do not cry too long

Faye 2016-12-16 16:59:32

Daughter to the kindergarten class, I went to participate in their final open class, almost all children have learned some simple Chinese characters and English, shy or enthusiastic to parents to show. Only a little boy, never participate in the activities of teachers, those characters he did not know, fast get out of class, he began to cry, Lai refused to leave his mother's arms. Later, I heard his mother said that the little boy has not adapted to kindergarten life, every day crying, crying from school to school.

It reminds me of the movie "Let the bullets fly." At the beginning of the period, the county magistrate Ge You eat the hot pot singing to the post, the road was Jiang Wen robbed, Jiang Wen him tied up, set the alarm clock to let him explain the situation. Ge You cry, Jiang Wen unceremoniously stop him: cry also count the time! Ge You reluctantly, a mess accountable.

Cry is also time. This is one of the cruel rules of the world.

I do not know the boy after many years can understand the truth: when you because of all kinds of discomfort and unhappy, desperate to cry when others have been learning English, making friends, master social rules ... ... no one waiting for you. You can cry, but in addition to a moment outside the vent, this will only let you face more problems in the future. You are already behind the people, but because of crying wasted more time. After crying, you have to spend several times the energy of others to catch up, or even, you may not catch up.

I have a resentful type of friends, I do not know why, her life everywhere are stumbling, get along with her in-laws well, inexplicably dismissed by the boss, buy fruit has been short of Jinliangerliang ... ... She is extremely dissatisfied with her life , Each time to meet, she would say dozens of times: "This is what people ah", "What is this society ah", "too sad" and so on. With her, you will unconsciously be strong negative emotions enveloped, feeling the whole world is dark, it makes people uncomfortable. So later, I try to reduce the contact with her. Before that, her friends in fact already very little.

Do not know how many people, in the face of misfortune when the sin to others or society. Yes, such a society does a lot of problems, but when you can only rely on it from my redemption, you are doomed to be finished.

Society is such a society, fierce bit, complex hardships. But we can not escape it. (Inspirational world www.lizhi123.net)

Everyone is destined to run in such a society, and it may be someone starting point higher than you, some people run earlier than you, some equipment better than you, in the process of running, you will be hit a look trip trip , And even was deliberately trample down the foot. But in any case, you must quickly adjust themselves to find the most suitable way for you and your best support, continue to go all out to run. If you have to stop crying curse, or pull the person hit your account, the result is only one: you will be more and more people left behind.

Frustration and misfortune is a compulsory course for everyone, when you fall in love, when you work is not smooth, when you bear the big grievances, you have every reason to cry, complain, blame. But be sure to know that crying is also time, if you put too much time to cry, then life will cry to you.

You face the unfortunate attitude that your attitude to life, and your attitude to life, determines your happiness index.

"Laughter on life" is not easy, we also like to say that men cry not a crime, a woman crying different kind of beauty. However, if you want to have a better life, you must learn to bite the pain in the teeth forward to come forward, in the desperate to make a few find the light.

My dear, you can cry, but do not cry too long.

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