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A success is not necessarily the real ability

Faye 2016-10-20 11:48:45

There is such a fairy tale, said the zebra Eric in a escape from the lion attack instinctively kicked back, just kick the lion's forehead, the lion fell to the ground, while the martial arts on the fate of the Western Paradise. So the zebra group in the spread of Eric is God sent to protect the horses of the Pegasus. Under the esteem of everyone Eric became the leader of the zebra on the prairie, the lions also know that their accomplices in a Xiaoqiang to die in its iron heel, naturally no one dare to rush to go to Eric's trouble.

A year later, Eric in the well-being of the fortune. Large shiny body coupled with shiny fur, so that we know at a glance this is the "horse of the statue", plus leisurely walking posture, full leader status.

One day, a wanderer from the field to this lion, to see the zebra has long been coveted. It decided to choose its weak predestined set of principles of a universe. The idea has been set, it searched for a bit zebra, see the weak many, but not skinny, is as small as a lamb, it is not worth filling their lions. Is hesitant, its eyes suddenly light up, a bloated body, shiny, walk like a strolling zebra got into its sight. By its conclusion, this horse is not old, but definitely not running. Thought of this, the first wave of lions hi from the heart out, so a vertical body to it only optimistic about the zebra hit. Eric has also found that the lion to hit it, in addition to speed up the Duolu escape, but also resorted to it once kicking a lion's historical experience, lift the leg frequently to the lion to kick, but this lion cunningly A migraine escaped, and taking advantage of the zebra slowed the occasion, a bite of its pipes. Public zebra see their leader was a very general lion not much effort to capture, and all stop running stare surprised eyes.

Zebra leader Eric on the prairie became the mouth of a very ordinary lion delicious, as a lower animal zebra, may not be able to find the real crux of the problem, but as a higher animal who can not find the crux of the problem may be a joke . As a zebra Eric kicked a lion is a fact that we need not argue, should be a great success, but also have to admit that Eric's wonderful success is accidental gains, not the inevitable result. If Eric is clever, then, since we respected him as a leader, it is necessary to start, hard training and survival skills, and must not be self-righteous covet ease, arrogance.

Zebra is always a zebra, can not stand a little bit of the temptation of honor, their naive to fatten the fat, with life early to fill the lion's stomach. But the tragic outcome of the zebras Eric can give us a good reference for the benchmark. It tells people from the negative: an occasional wonderful success is nothing, really capable, really have to rely on their own survival in the process, uninterrupted summary of experience, to not be the slightest hypocrisy and pride, in order to consolidate their own survival and Development of the foundation. Otherwise, an occasional wonderful success will lead to their own failure forever.

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