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About Impolite Behaviors

  • Author:Eylan
  • Release on:2018-03-08

We have seen many news about how rude Chinese tourists were, such as throwing away rubbish at will, jumping the queue or speaking loudly in public. The media from home and abroad always spread the negative information about Chinese tourists, while it is just small part, not presenting the truth.

I have been to many foreign countries. Everytime before I started my journey, I told myself to be polite and well behaved and I made it. But I found that many bad behaviors happened among foreigners, whom we used to believed the most polite people in the world. They jumped the queue and spoke loudly in the public. So it is not fair to criticize Chinese tourists all the time.

It is true that some Chinese tourists don’t realize their bad behaviors, but now, most people behave themselves well and act very politely. When we see the negative information, there is no need to self-denial, as it happens in every country. We are happy to see that the young generation is spread the positive image to the world.

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