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The Danger of Smoking

  • Author:Eylan
  • Release on:2018-03-08

Smoking is very popular among Chinese people. Nowadays, the number of smokers during teenagers is increasing. Some treat smoking as fashion and follow such bad behavior. Though many people have been educated the danger of smoking, they still do not fear it.

It is known to all that cancer has been the NO.1 killer and the researches found that smoking for a long time will be easy to get cancer. I remembered my hometown, where people smoked a lot, especially the old generation, and they formed this bad act when they were young. Then for a time, many people died of cancer. People started to worry and they found that these people were heavy smokers.

The sad thing is that many teenagers smoke at their young age, and they feel cool to do it. Some adults smoke to relieve their pressure. No matter what kind of reasons, the fact is that smoking not only hurt themselves, but also hurt other people, because we know that second hand smoke is harmful, too. For everybody’s health and to live a better life, smoking should be stopped.

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