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All customers and friends of Thanksgiving

Faye 2015-12-02 16:46:54

Thanksgiving is the most true of the United States of the US holiday, are connected with the oldest history of the most closely country.

1620, settlers, or pilgrims, they are seeking a place where you can have the freedom of worship, it sailed to the United States in the month of flowers. After intense two months of the voyage, they are now, Plymouth, those which are Massachusetts, landed in the November of ice.

Their first during the winter, more than half of the settlers, died of [1] starvation or epidemics. the surviving people, began sowing in the first spring.

All summer long, they are the presence of the future of their lives and colonial to know that it is dependent on the future of the harvest, had been waiting for the great anxiety and harvesting. The last field, has produced a rich yield of more than expected. Therefore, it is mainly thanks of the day has been determined that it is fixed to [2]. After a few years, the President of the United States every year, has declared the fourth Thursday of Thanksgiving in November. Thanksgiving celebration, until today, has been observed on that day.

Pattern of the Thanksgiving celebration did not change throughout the year. Dinner of the large family is planned for the coming months. In the dinner table, people will find apples, oranges, chestnuts, walnuts and grapes. Plum pudding, there Minchipai, food, cranberry juice, and other varieties of squash. The best and most attractive among them, is the roast turkey and pumpkin pie. They were the most traditional and favorite food on Thanksgiving throughout the year.

Everyone dinner will agree that that must be built around roast turkey stuffed with [3] bread dressing to absorb the tasty juices as it roasts. Food and family, but to vary depending on the region it is but one living, it [4] of stuffing for the royal bird is not easy to get the exact type of consensus.

Thanksgiving, today, in every sense, the Americans and the background of all of faith is thanked for this year of grace, to participate by request [5] blessing for reverently continue It is a country of annual leave that there.

I Finehope company Hien is a Thanksgiving to the day, I made a card to wish all customers and friends, a happy Thanksgiving! I want you happy, have the love and good luck. Thank you for continued encouragement and support of your use of our products, we, you will not expect to be able to continue to support us in the future. :-) We offer always a good product or service. I hope more enrich your business! 

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