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Along with good people is what it feels like?

Faye 2016-06-29 15:29:25

And good people live, give me the greatest feeling is that they themselves would gradually become excellent junior year our class transferred from the Department of Biology, a boy, wearing a white shirt and light jeans, two dimples smile, like Julian Cheung. Later assigned to the bedroom next door to us, before going next door to the bedroom is a biochemical bomb lab, and all kinds of yellowed **** dripping Blackwater socks him, everyone went to their bedroom first sentence are corny : fucking stink!

He then spent three hours in the evening went to the bedroom to clean up the look, the floor can be reflective, neat tables and chairs, from behind their bedroom door quickly said outside Hi End: Sorry wrong door. Look after the house and rubbed his eyes out.

Then he took the mop every two days dragged the bedroom clean, and no complaints, people get in their bedroom are embarrassed, but he is not gay style over the top, he just needs a clean environment only.

He got up every morning around seven o'clock, and then go to the playground running, running three to five laps back to the bedroom to change clothes, eat breakfast, all day fine spirit of God, I have never seen him exhibit weakness.

He told everyone to speak very polite, with a smile on his face, he will help him find someone eager to help others to solve the problem, first came to our class monitor the election two weeks when he nearly unanimous sentiment get jobs.

When he bought picnic supplies car given by the camera to take the grill, the entire process orderly, showing class neighborhood envy, the last time they engage in activities with almost did not bring enough food to eat people. He even get a few blankets, covered to the girls play poker, then there are three girls represent the future to have children for him, he's just shy smile.

Basketball game when he took the lead, and playing and coaching tactical layout, the school took the second, the first is the Department of Physical Education, after all, we can not keep physical fitness, so after that day he invited all the players out to dinner to say thanks we are proud of the success or failure of hard work, we are very impressed.

He was very generous, as long as the students in the supermarket met him, he will ask the person a drink a bite to eat, we all kind of get embarrassed, he saw him hold the hand and said: I ask you to drink Coke squad to chance.

He does not like to play games, like go to the library to read, stay for a morning conversation very funny, and his exchange inspiring, something all right love our teacher told him to go to the office to chat.

Read now you think he is the small poor households out to kill?

Not his dad has his own company, his mother is the director of a hospital in Wuhan, the family assets conservatively estimated number eight, he can be as open as rich second bubble beauty luxury cars, but he did not, he pious attitude approach to life, cherish the same as the last moment of every moment of life.

And even more surprising is that their bedroom six people, we are still in a graduation fought when it became all white-collar workers in their companies mix a duck.

Just like good people shine, and they spent a long time, I did not want to go back to darkness!

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