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There is only a failure, that is, always wants to be someone else

  • Author:Faye
  • Release on:2016-06-29

How much we desire to succeed, there is more fear of failure. Chat with people when I talk to the fear Finally, ask each other suddenly, I was not a failure. I do not always know how to answer.

What kind of life is considered a failure? Missing people should not be missed, sold successive limit-stock, and so on over 30 years unmarried, sounds and failure seem related, but certainly no access to such a serious failure of the word, at most, be regarded as temporary disappointments.

In this light, we can really afford to fail the word, in fact, not much. Yes, not much, but sometimes, perhaps you and me.

As patients with a fear of flying, there was a time I especially admired those people on the street, watching the interview with Taiwanese actor Chang Chen, the deepest impression is not to say how good he played a role, but he likes to go to Europe and untapped tourism remote town, the town's people may have not seen the East face a lifetime.

Be the first to set foot on Chinese people a piece of land, a certain feeling good, I want to be such a person.

So I try to overcome their fear of flying, he is still a concern microblogging Southern captain, often asked him about aircraft safety knowledge. But these are actually useless, like a plane ride through the pain of a century, only the fear of flying people to understand. Malaysia Airlines after the accident, I completely abandoned the world is so big, I want to see the idea.

Others make it very easy thing to your head would be prohibitively difficult, this is a place to unreasonable thing.

We often say to work hard ah, but apparently not all things are worth the effort, especially when our starting point is only people there, and we are not.

A friend recently tangled or not to have a second child. Her body is weak, their first child, when bleeding, dying under the notice, with children in poor health, general economic conditions at home, and finally ground to a child three years old, and that they want to relax. Unfortunately, she found the office Freaky age who are beginning a second child.

She said she really did not want students, but that others are born, she was not born, it was not very successful. "Now it is not the standard of success you have two children, preferably a woman has a child."

I do not know who set the standard of success, but I am sure that if a person, because people have, so she should have, she criteria for success must be suspicious, she did not know who he is, What we need, like everyone else will want.

With others, it is a kind of comparisons heart, which is the main source of modern anxiety.

It is easy to understand their pain, weak, waiting for enough luster side, it is difficult to fully understand others, so often feel that others have, what we do not have. Freaky a workplace, a living room into the kitchen, there is A4 waist, vest line, every day is Mimi. In the kitchen busy depressed we see her state immediately forget cooking can actually self-cultivation, cooking twist when Yao Zhi can also exercise the muscles themselves clever, but ran fiercely organized package year beauty card, gym card package two years, the results did not have time to go, it is easy to anger has been transferred to the body of work and family, and even family background - Look, I was so unfortunate, it is not so perfect like the others.

However, such a cycle down, we did not become better themselves, not to become someone else, but anxiety has become a sensitive, complaining of their own.

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