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Amazon facial recognition technology mistakenly identified 28 US lawmakers as criminals

  • Author:Hopely
  • Release on:2018-08-01

An Amazon facial recognition tool has wrongly identified 28 members of the US Congress as police suspects. 日前,亚马逊的一个面部识别工具,错误地将28名美国议员识别成了警方嫌疑犯。 The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) compared official photos of the politicians with a database of public arrest photos. 美国公民自由联盟(ACLU)将政客的官方照片与公开逮捕嫌犯照片的数据库进行了比对。 Amazon took issue with the findings, saying the system needed to be set at 95% accuracy not the 80% used by ACLU. 亚马逊对该结果表示不满,称该系统需要设置为95%的准确度,而不是ACLU使用的80%。 But the civil rights group said it highlighted the inadequacy of facial recognition technology. 但该民权组织表示,这凸显了面部识别技术的不足之处。 "Our test reinforces that face surveillance is not safe for government use," said Jacob Snow, ACLU's technology and civil liberties lawyer. ACLU的技术和公民自由律师雅各布·斯诺表示:“我们的测试强调了政府使用面部检测是不安全的。” "Face surveillance will be used to power discriminatory surveillance and policing that targets communities of colour, immigrants, and activists. Once unleashed, that damage can't be undone." “面部监视将用于推动针对有色人种、移民和激进分子的歧视性监视和治安。一旦释放,这种伤害就无法撤消。”
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