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And acceptance of change, make life happier

Faye 2016-05-07 09:42:30

★ inspirational world - the hope of tomorrow, let us forget today's pain. ★

You are not usually like this?

A repeated want to make you sad event, has been to blame themselves, over and over again in the heart of the debate occurred in rehearsal.

Second, think of themselves as losers, and constantly remind yourself is probably always be the case.

Third, always suspected that he was sick, too much attention to the body feeling.

Fourth, do an extreme perfectionist, perfection in the process of pursuing the goal can not be reached, the good side always considered to be insignificant, the bad side has to emphasize.

Fifth, do a comprehensive look at the issue, all right drill into a dead end child.

Sixth, do not do the most important things a priority, in addition to doing the things you might regret later regret regret to remember that nothing went.

Seven, often worry about their own could not.

Eight, adhere to the "right is always right", and that you are always right, and stick to your "Yes."

Nine, do not trust others, in addition to others do bad things and disadvantages, other do not believe.

Ten, to take their own bad place to compare with others.

XI, to doubt everything is coming at you.

Twelve, do not put yourself wholeheartedly to anyone or anything.

Just stick the above items, and that they will not be happy ...

You had enough? Are you willing to change? If we do not change the words of life, yesterday, today and tomorrow with the same. Now allow your life has changed, if you are now willing to change, do not accept the change, your life will not change.

Universe afraid of scaring you, it will not let you change. However, you can solve all the subjective wishes. Universe is to make you comfortable, happy, and the subjective will teach us to enjoy the happy process.

Allow yourself to change, also allow changes in the environment, everything will be better!

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