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Put down the burden

  • Author:Faye
  • Release on:2016-05-11

★ inspirational world - all victories, and conquered his own victory than up, they are insignificant.

Put down the burden, easier to move forward in order to enjoy the pleasure of walking in order to go further towards the direction you want to go.

From birth to childhood, to youth, to youth, to adult, along the way, our body burden increasingly more our pace more and more heavy, and our soul pure fresh, also increasingly become unrecognizable, exhausted unbearable, or even scarred.

Over the years, we are walking hurriedly to go on the road, in fact, this way, it is not that we really want to go for their own beliefs, it is more suggestive of others, or your own copycat. Others learn the piano, I also learned the piano. Others university entrance exam, I have the university entrance exam. Others north of Guangzhou, and I followed. Others buy a big house, I will not be a small house. Others stocks, I stock ......

To name, in order to profit, to the right, or to the color, we hurry, we are non-stop, we are unable to sleep at night and we even gave up allows each body and soul to rest Sunday, each of which could be to listen to music afternoon tea cozy.

We have no time to enjoy the spring flowers in full bloom, we did not listen to empty summer frogs, we had forgotten the harvest moon's lack of full moon, we are faced with large snowflakes longer unable to pronounce the ancient poet sigh.

We are top, we are the flywheel, we never stop making so many machines, this is not enough, we also want to own a machine, - high-speed operation of the machine, to the so-called good life.

However, we passionately desire tufted head but did not think about it calmly:? All this is why is not someone else's life is to me life is not all material desires are met, happiness really is not it?? money is happiness? happiness on famous? right to happiness?

Think carefully, or our "heart" out of the question. What is the problem then? - You want too much. ? You do not want your life do you want to regain lost for a long time from tomorrow would be happy to completely put down the burden -? Or others impose upon themselves the burden of the liberation of their own, find his own, traveling light ,simple life.

- A rabbit, do not and swans than the height, as long as the swift run on the line.

- Monkeys, and elephants do not than volume, as long as the intelligent and flexible enough.

- Zebra, leopard and do not speed ratio, to cherish their own unique markings.

- Sparrow, do not and peacocks beautiful than to ordinary share defensible comfortable.

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