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Beauty can only icing on the cake, emboldened to shine

  • Author:Faye
  • Release on:2017-04-28

I met a little years ago. At that time, I accompany my brother in the talent exchange center job, just met her. They are classmates, she gave me the first impression is: "ugly." People short, yellow skin, the word face collapse nose, a mouthful of mouthful of tetracycline teeth, the mechanical country girl. Holding a resume standing there at a loss of the way, it seems to touch the wall.

Later, I never seen her, and occasionally think of it is only feeling, a born cold, not beautiful and how much talented girl, a few years may be casually find someone to marry. Because that was moved by her lonely, I often inquire about the small brother of the recent situation, that she has been very hard, specifically up. After two years, I heard that when the school counselors, and heard admitted to graduate students ... ...

Until last year, unexpectedly in an event to see a small, if not her self-reported name, I simply do not recognize her, small tall, body abruptly, ten centimeters of high heels step forward and retreat freely, Of course, the facial features are still very common, but gestures between shine.
We talked for a long time, I could not conceal the surprises of her transformation. She told me generously, the first job to find a wall, really want to find someone married, but was able to take over their own people is not good.

Bite the bullet, think of the phrase "ugly will read more" famous words. She did not say anything, and slowly adhere to, endure loneliness, see a lot of peers because of the young and beautiful to enjoy the youth, but their books every night a book, very painful but also teeth to endure, know that they chose one of the most clumsy but most Practical way. After graduating from graduate school, she stayed at the university to teach, 28 years old married to her one year old school teacher.

Compared to those natural beauty of the girl, she almost nothing, no background, education, value, only never stopped the pace. In this look at the face of the community, she through the efforts to change the fate.

Many beautiful women who rely on natural beauty, give up efforts and dreams, life willing to let the beauty through the passage of time. And some because of the appearance of mediocre all living in the inferiority of the woman, instilled himself every day: "to enhance their own what? Is not a man picked to choose? Hurry to find a man married, whether good or bad, since then someone access plate.

Smart woman, but know the talent and ability to ensure that life without fear. They with the horizons and emotional intelligence to enhance the daily sunscreen water, bedside down half an hour stovepipe, and strive to improve the value. And then threw himself into school or work, rain or shine, years of bullying, living for themselves to blaze a trail.

Because they know that beauty may be able to icing on the cake, emboldened in order to make the United States lasting, dazzling, and shiny.

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