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Becoming Indispensable

Hannah Gao 2015-12-10 18:06:33

Whether you are an employee or the head of your own company,going the extra mile makes you indispensable to others.You do for them what no one else does.There may be others with more knowledge,skill,or prestige,but you are the only one who provides something absolutely necessary.There may be seven other companies providing public relations expertise,but if you are the one who can be called upon at two in the morning with a can-do attitude when a disaster strikes,people will remember and value that.
One young man,working for a movie talent agency,was the only person willing to listen to a cantankerous star complain about her problems hour after hour,day after day.No one else took the time.When she threw a tantrum on the set studio,or her agent,was the only one to persuade her to go back to work.The movie went back on schedule,and millions of dollars were saved.He had made himself indispensable by befriending that important client.
You will never command more than average compensation until you become indispensable to somebody or some group.Make yourself so useful that it would be extremely difficult,if not impossible,to replace you.People who have pulled themselves out of the crowd and have included the priceless ingredients of going the extra mile and personal initiative in their service virtually write their own paychecks.
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