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Polyurethane four factors stimulating the future development of China

Faye 2015-12-11 13:41:30

1, policies to promote. China promulgated a series of building energy efficiency policies and regulations, construction of energy conservation is the focus of government investment direction, building energy conservation policy has become an important driving force to pull the polyurethane market.

2, the automotive industry. Polyurethane materials and other automotive plastics is an important indicator to measure the amount of modern automotive design and manufacturing technology level. In developed countries the average amount of plastic car about 190kg / vehicles, vehicle weight accounted for 13% -15%, while China's car draw plastic dosage 80-100kg / units, accounting for 8% of vehicle weight, the proportion of applications is significantly lower.

China's automobile production and sales in 2010 reached 18.267 million and 18.069 million, ranking first in the world. According to the automobile industry, "second five" plan, by 2015 China's automobile production capacity to 53 million real. The future development of China's automobile industry will pursue gradual shift of production capacity and scale to focus on quality and level. 2010 automotive PU consumption of about 300,000 tons, with a substantial increase in the future and increase the amount of plastic in the level of China's auto output is expected in 2015, the automotive industry PU consumption in China will reach 80-90 million tons.

3, building energy efficiency. According to China's energy-saving work arrangements, by the end of 2010, the town reached 50% energy saving building design standards, the 2020 building's total energy consumption of the whole society to achieve at least 65% energy saving. China is currently building energy-saving main material of polystyrene-based, to achieve the 2020 target of 65% energy savings, the need for 43 billion square meters of building facades to conduct a comprehensive energy-saving measures. Building energy-saving insulation material of international developed countries, polyurethane occupy 75% market share, while China is currently building insulation material in less than 10% polyurethane foam materials, building energy-saving insulation market will be the future growth potential of the largest consumption of rigid polyurethane foam applications.

4, refrigerator and other refrigeration appliances market demand. Polyurethane has an irreplaceable role in the refrigerator, freezer field applications. With the improvement of the development of urbanization, refrigerator penetration and product upgrading pulling fridge, freezer market development, polyurethane fridge freezer developments in the field of space increases.

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