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Brown's first visit to the Chinese city like California

  • Author:Max Lin
  • Release on:2017-06-30

A shaded promenade traces the river in this southern Chinese city that — when the smog blows away — fills with couples dancing to the sunrise. Nearly 900 miles east, leafy boulevards and mountainside parks cover the former imperial capital of Nanjing.
The first two stops on Gov. Jerry Brown’s China tour are places that envision themselves as California sees itself — progressive and green.
Brown’s meetings began Sunday in the Sichuan provincial capital of Chengdu, part of a weeklong trip hinged on his mantra of climate change collaboration. Sichuan’s rivers and steep terrain have helped make it a hub for hydropower. Nanjing’s Jiangsu province, which he will visit on Monday, aims to position itself as a leader on renewable energy.

These local stops take on greater significance amid President Trump’s decision Thursday to pull the U.S. from a historic Paris climate accord led by China and the Obama administration. Officials are reinforcing regional partnerships — with the economic links they provide — in a quiet effort to ensure continued ties.
“As I see many problems in the world, many tensions and disruptions, I see a growing importance of partnerships such as the one we are building,” Brown told Sichuan Communist Party Secretary Wang Dongming, as the two regions prepared to sign a sister agreement.

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