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Cause you are struggling on the road

  • Author:Faye
  • Release on:2016-03-16

Lead: the person's life, not to expect adventure alive who can not, we struggle all his life, stop and go, constantly make a choice, even if wrong, it will not come to regret that way. 

We always worry too much life, so life is more deliberate, more torture would lose, but when we go with the flow with the mentality to face, but found nothing really, just not willing to own it.

Life is so, the pros and cons of impermanence, all passing, are considered landscape; occupy memory, they are all happy. And so far away and then look back, we find that frustrate people strong, it is parting treasure, pain sobering. You only turn from the past, we will be happy to meet you tomorrow.

Life is so, a road full of bifurcation and transition, we stop and go, constantly make a choice until the last moment, who do not know the original so much choice is right or wrong. The only thing we can do is try to listen to your heart to choose, so that, even if wrong, it will not come to regret that way.

Such is life, loneliness, defensible to downtown. Every good man, there is a period of silent time. That period of time, put a lot of effort to endure the loneliness and solitude, do not complain do not complain, when talking about the future, even their own can be moved.

If the heart care, everywhere complaints; heart if relaxation is always sunny. Life is so, sometimes behavior is true spiritual manifestation, sometimes not, not all will be cloudy rain, nor will every sad tears. In life there are always helpless, total hypocrisy, this is life.

Person's life, who do not expect to be able to live without adventure. Since we can not take no chances decades of life, and that you are afraid of? Hard to do the old!

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