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Only suitable for their own is the best

Hopely Li 2016-03-15 16:41:49

Put the eggs in one basket and watch it in nineteenth Century the famous American writer Mark 8226; Twain wrote a lot of articles.
After the publication of the readers were snapping up, he sprouted the idea of riches. The thought of his these publishers, book dealers to make money as their own books, published his.
He sold the book, so he set himself a goal: to become a millionaire within two years.
A great writer transformed into "production, supply, marketing" a dragon big booksellers. However, less than two years, because do not have your own business skills and
Quality debt, difficult to sustain. Not only the bookseller did not do a good job, even their own "main" writing also abandoned the. See on different baskets of eggs a a shattered, mark 8226; Twain decisively abandoned the bookseller's business, back to concentrate on doing the
His literary creation, a hard work finally achieved success. Mark 8226; Twain in a review of the way he walked, said: "do not put the eggs in one basket, the famous saying is that it makes sense to warn people to spread the risk and to implement the diversification strategy.
Put the eggs in one basket. if the basket was upset, you may be in vain, for someone or something is right. But for me, still put all the eggs In one basket, however, it is more appropriate to look carefully at the basket, "he tells us." everyone's intelligence, hobbies, interests, and levels.
Each is not the same. Some suitable for business, some suitable for the creation of literature, some suitable for politics, and some suitable for research, some suitable for work and so on.
Others in this aspect may have expertise, you may have a certain talent in another. Foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses only exert their own advantages to achieve success.
Whether to put the eggs in one basket, or put the eggs in a number of baskets, how to do the best, the key is to see whether it is suitable for their own,
Only suitable for their own is the best.