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Terrible false story

Hopely Li 2016-03-15 16:39:40

After the end of World War II, the British Royal Air Force statistics on the crash of the aircraft and the sacrifice of the pilot and the aircraft crash Cause and location. The shocking -- take away life most is not the enemy fierce fire, also is not the nature of the hurricane.
But the pilot's operating errors. Even more puzzling is that the most frequent incidents of time, not in the fierce fighting, Not a few minutes before the emergency evacuation, but a few minutes after the completion of the mission's return to land, They say this is a typical psychological phenomenon, after a high degree of tension, once the external stimuli disappeared, human psychology will produce almost no Inhibition of relaxing tendency ". Pilots in the bullets of the enemy concentrated, although the external environment is bad, but because the brain is very excited, but not easy to go wrong. On the return voyage, the spirit of the pilot to relax more and more, when he finally saw Familiar with the base, his own aircraft from the runway closer and closer, he suddenly felt a sense of security, however, it is precisely this moment of relaxation, Lead to a disaster. So people called this condition "false security". On the way of life, there are many "false security". When you are in close proximity, don't slow down your pace with ease:
Terrible "false security" facts tell us that people's failure is often not in the most difficult time, but in the spirit of the people most of the time.

Originally a winner, but the spirit of relaxed, the problem is come, and even lead to a complete failure.