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Deal you do not like to do but have to do

Faye 2016-01-13 15:42:39

Almost everyone has such a weakness, that is indolent, fearing trouble. However, I found more and more in recent years, all of our significant things in life, are very troublesome.

Such as fitness, such as financial management. There are some things, like housework, such as organizing photos and e-mail, it is very troublesome. Take the time to do it, not necessarily have an immediate effect. Do not do it, life is worse than where to go.

Yes, we all want to see their mermaid line or vest line, and hope that their bulging wallets, are hoping the home clean, all hoping to see all those beautiful moments in travel. However, we trouble, but also because of the trouble and lose a lot of opportunities.

Share ten on the face, but do not want to have to do the recommendations, so that you can better face of those you do not want to do, but must do.

1. Do not take God
2. grateful
3. Learning and Growth
4. Why do you need to do this meditation thing.
5. Why do you meditate on fear.
6. give up your idea too ideal.
7. Follow purpose, rather than results
8. Embrace "bad."
9. Give yourself limits
10. do first point, gradually increase

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