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You can roll up one of LG's TVs like a newspaper.

Dana 2016-01-13 11:39:57
You can roll up one of LG's TVs like a newspaper.
At this week's CES technology expo, LG will be one of many TV makers to show off an impressive lineup of super-duper-high-definition TVs. But there's one thing that separates LG from the competition. 

The 18-inch display is just one of the concept designs LG will be unveiling, as it attempts to predict the future of television screens. Also on display will be a 55-inch TV that is as thin as a piece of paper and a 65-inch "extreme-curve" set of TVs that bend inwards and outwards.
None of these TV will be sold this year -- and it's possible they may never hit stores. It's also not totally clear why you'd want to roll up or bend your TV.
Like automakers' "concept cars," LG's TVs are meant to show off what's possible, even if it's not yet marketable, affordable or able to be mass-produced for customers. But some elements of LG's creations may come to your next television screen.
It's concepts like LG's that may one day push the industry forward into new markets and technologies it hasn't yet considered.

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